Happy Mother’s Day

“Remember when MOM was your whole world?  MOMS are magnets.  MOM is WOW upside down.  Give your MOM flowers on your birthday.  Remember the womb.  MOM always has kleenix.  We only get one MOM-we can adopt others.  MOMS are human beans too.  Waltz in the kitchen with MOM.  MOMS are mystical, memorable and marvelous.  Go curl up near your MOM and tell her stories.  Wear chenille bathrobes together.  MOMS worry deep.  Bake cookies and argue gently.  Write down all the reasons you’re mad at her and deal with it.  Make a list of all your favorite things about your MOM.  Play cards together, eat M & M’s and laugh until your cheeks hurt.  Forgive all the old junk.  Call your MOM and tell her you’ll love her forever.  Tell her now.” I read this in the NewsExpress newsletter, in 1997, and it made me cry – it still does.

You could make Putting on the Ritz egg salad tea sandwiches for brunch then take her to the Monrovia Mother’s Day Homes Tour today; tickets will be available at the Monrovia Historical Museum, 742 E. Lemon Avenue, in Recreation Park.

See you there,


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