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For more information about the benefits of becoming a Watkins Consultant, please call us or CLICK HERE. Your membership carries a full 30 day money-back guarantee.

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You’ll immediately get 15 to 35% discount on all Watkins retail purchases over $150 and you can earn bonus income too! 

Watkins eConsultant feature is automatically included FREE as part of your membership, a customizable page on the JRWatkins site, to which you can add your own posts/stories about your favorite products, your favorite recipes, product usage tips, why you love Watkins, etc.

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The Two Methods for Earning Income in this Business

One method revolves primarily around selling products to customers. The other method, sponsoring, is based on showing others how to start their own home based business.

Be your own best customer!

Every person we’ve known who has been successful in retailing products or recruiting new team members has also been a user of the products in their own home. It’s pretty simple logic that if you try our products yourself, you’ll be better at recommending them to other people.


Welcome to our team!

Terry and Doug Forrest

Independent Watkins Consultants #387751



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