Watkins Root Beer Barbecue Sauce

IMG_0962Spice up your backyard barbecue with ready-to-use Watkins Gourmet Original Barbecue Sauce; an expertly blended, sweet and spicy sauce. The 14.5 ounce bottle is just $5.99 in June, call (626) 536-3654 to order yours!

Watkins Root Beer Barbecue Sauce

2/3 cup Original Watkins Barbecue Sauce

2 tsp Watkins Root Beer Extract

1/2 tsp Watkins Ginger

1/4 tsp Watkins Black Pepper

Watkins Course Sea Salt

Combine and use in your family’s favorite barbecue recipe.


Watkins BBQ sauceOther Watkins Barbecue Sauce Ideas:

Use on chicken, turkey, pork and beef for basting on the grill or in the oven. Mix one tablespoon of BBQ sauce into 8 oz. of cream cheese plus 1/2 tsp. Watkins Cayenne Pepper to make a cheese ball. Add to browned ground meat with addition of ketchup and a small amount of brown sugar for Sloppy Joes. It’s great on any sandwich…open face brush on BBQ sauce and place under broiler pan for one minute or less!

Great Grill Marks from Taste of Home Magazine

Trying to get those lovely grill marks on food, but always miss the mark? Add a little honey to your marinade or sauce. The sugar in the honey caramelizes when grilled and creates the grill marks. One teaspoon to 1 tablespoon should do the trick, depending on the amount of marinade or sauce. You can even use this trick when cooking foods on the stove. Brush meat, chicken or fish with honey and saute in a nonstick pan coated with cooking spray to give it a golden-brown color.

Bon appetit!





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